Want to be right or happy?

What is it about us? What is it about us that make us fearful of reaching out to others?  Why do we fear rejection so much?  Why do we hide away, pretend and do absolutely anything to stop from being hurt by others and by life? It’s like, we’d rather be alone, become bitter, twisted…

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Is your heart made with good soil?

As I write this I am sat on someone else’s sofa, watching after someone else’s dogs and home, watching someone else’s TV in the background. It’s peaceful, quiet (for the moment) and it’s liberating to spend time completely and utterly alone.  I almost feel free.  A freedom to do as I choose, to behave as…

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A new perspective on purpose…

‘Take what you have seen and put it to good use back in the States and in your own home. Think with your heart, not with your head so much. Walk in other people’s shoes, and see life from their perspective. It is only in loving them that you can serve them.’ Taken from ‘Pathway…

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Every day is a chance to live right by being YOU!

YOU! Yeah that gorgeous, amazingly talented, creative, wonderfully made YOU! You do know that I am talking about you, right? There is no doubt about it, YOU and I are cut from the same cloth, as are everyone else you know or don’t know in this world. What a wonderful privilege it is to share…

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Your daily roles are incredible opportunities to shine!

How often do you say to yourself,  ‘is this all there is?’ or ‘there must be so much more to my life than this everyday stuff, when am I going to really find out what I am meant to be doing?’ If you are like me, who I suspect many of you are, you’d have…

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Your ‘calling’ doesn’t have to be all about one thing – Part 2

Yes I am finally here, as promised (albeit nearly 2 weeks late) here is the second part of why your calling doesn’t have to be all about the one thing…. So what’s going on? Since I wrote the post a few weeks ago, I’ve been absolutely flooded with life and new opportunities. It’s almost as…

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Your ‘calling’ doesn’t have to be all about one thing – Part 1

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve not written a blog post for about a week and because of that this one is too long for one post, so I’ve written it in two parts…. There are lots of reasons to my lack of ‘blogging’ I think, too many in fact to go…

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