3 Reasons why it’s hard to move on, but on the other hand the best reasons!

Have you ever found out something about someone, perhaps an ex or an old friend that you’d wished you had never heard? I have, or in fact I just did and I’ll explain what it was a bit later in the post. I’ll be honest with you for a few moments… Moving on from relationships,…

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Want liberation? Here’s a few things I learnt about myself to get it…

Feeling let down, self-doubt, disappointments and frustration are all emotions and/or feelings that we  all have from time to time.  Even more so in the world today, with its ever growing anger, ever growing expectations and desperate need for control and possession. In a time where love seems to be lacking the most in our…

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A greater life awaits you! Not to be confused with better

How many times have you said to yourself, ‘when I’m slimmer I’ll be happy’ or ‘when I have lots of money, I’ll be happy’ or even ‘when I have a baby my life will start to have a purpose’. For many of us, including myself, we think that if we wait for things to be…

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Take your eyes off yourself…

As I scrolled through Facebook tonight,  idly checking for messages, interactions or notifications, it suddenly dawned on me the amount of status updates that screamed ‘look at me!’ or ‘woe is me’, you get the gist right? Since Facebook started, it became apparent that it was a social media tool used by families, friends, businesses and other…

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What to do when the world (OK your mum) say’s ‘get a proper’ job!’

Ah those four mortal words The words that any dreamer, budding entrepreneur or, in fact, non-conventional person dreads hearing; especially when it comes from someone who you  love, respect or perhaps both! Yeah right, that’s what I heard and it came right out of my mother’s mouth! I expect most of you are thinking to…

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Want to be right or happy?

What is it about us? What is it about us that make us fearful of reaching out to others?  Why do we fear rejection so much?  Why do we hide away, pretend and do absolutely anything to stop from being hurt by others and by life? It’s like, we’d rather be alone, become bitter, twisted…

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Is your heart made with good soil?

As I write this I am sat on someone else’s sofa, watching after someone else’s dogs and home, watching someone else’s TV in the background. It’s peaceful, quiet (for the moment) and it’s liberating to spend time completely and utterly alone.  I almost feel free.  A freedom to do as I choose, to behave as…

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